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Qinling Mountains golf swing, enjoy the lifestyle in Tuscany

Edit:   Click:   Date: 2016-4-13

The blue sky and white clouds, filled with deep in the mountains of Qinling Mountains, the air has always been a slow beat of the melody, everywhere a little soft dream feeling. The foot of the Qinling Mountains, everywhere is full of acres of vineyards, coupled with some scattered small town houses, scattered scattered in the carpet of green grass hills. The rich European style of the Qinling Mountains golf club, in a hazy aesthetic picturesque cypress Congzhi sword. Between trance, you think yourself in a Tuscan village, natural sleep wake up in the morning, walking along the mountain, looked at the grapes and the lawn every day changes, sat down in front of the fire and drink a cup of black coffee and say hello to everyone in the past, this then is TOSCANA way of life.
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