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Shenzhen International Golf Tour is in the process of...

Edit:   Click:   Date: 2016-4-13

The European tour tournament this year in China's first race -- Shenzhen Golf international tournament will on the 21st of this month in the middle of Shenzhen Golf will gets underway. This is the golf back to the year of the Olympic Games, how to take practical action to Chinese Olympic Games? How to do innovative game? How to let people take the initiative to "walk" on the golf game, experience the charm of the sport?
The early, the organizers of the event in addition to the new star competition increase the attractiveness of outside, let spectators participate more sense the event organizers in this year, Shenzhen International Tournament an event.
Watch the game
The "cigar king" deity will appear
Event organizers announced last month, a 52 year old Spanish star Miguel Angel Jimenez and two Ryder Cup hero David Howell, third European tour champion Marc Warren, James Morrison and pablolarrazabal, have been confirmed to join to twice won the masters of BA Ba Watson, China the new golf king Li Haotong, Shenzhen international tournament play.
A year ago, in Shenzhen International Tournament opened the audience interactive area, the fancy Golf Master David Edwards imitation Simonis vivid behavior, lead to people at the scene laughter constantly, in the minds of Shenzhen fans leave the "cigar king" impressive. A year later, the real "cigar king" will usher in their own middle of the first show". Gimenez, who has 21 Champions League champions, said excitedly: "being able to enjoy the home game with tens of thousands of Shenzhen citizens will make the game look different."
The 52 year old Spanish veteran personality full, tie a pony, cigar smoking, drinking wine, in the race for the championship fight also advocate happy life philosophy, only to let him become one of the most interesting thing in the world golf star, has attracted a lot of fans and pursue careers, but also let him in golf baodaobulao, has also become a veteran game history only 50 years after winning the European tour.
Once and Simonis partner on behalf of the Spanish team to participate in the world cup larrazabal will be the second year in a row competition, Shenzhen international tournament, and strive to in the middle ball will win their fifth European Tour title.
Follow play
Who said the high court can not High
In addition to thinking how to run an international standard professional tournament outside, the people invited to the "look not to understand" events and bored is Shenzhen international tournament since last year it has been trying to achieve the goal.
Golf because of its characteristics of moving, and the associated is always "gentleman" two words, not "lively" and "hot", as a result, the audience's sense of participation will be greatly reduced.
But there are exceptions. In the Phoenix open the 16th hole, the organizers with 30000 seat grandstand the whole fairway into the super bowl. Who arrived in this hole players, in after the kickoff will be audience massive applause or is the boos, even from the stands flying "mineral water bottle". And the players face so battle is calm to on, but also take the initiative to interact with the audience, even has always been in the field of hanging "poker face" tiger woods will after the boos affectionately to signature ball or gloves to give to look at the children.
Reference effect of Phoenix, to watch the game into a fun thing to do, let the scene atmosphere to fire up, Shenzhen international tournament, so the organizers of this year planning the "8 km golf green and health", "on the 18th green home time. These, even if does not understand the golf still can easily participate in and enjoy the spectators theme activities.
Why choose "walking" and "home court time" this form to attract public participation? The middle group vice president Fei Hailong said: the game itself is in motion, the 18 hole down almost equivalent to a distance of 8 kilometers, so why not take advantage of the game becomes more interesting?
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