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China golf industry gathering and World Cup match tour started late in July 13th

Edit:   Click:   Date: 2016-4-13

By the China golf business team, team of the China golf service providers, Shenzhen hi tech technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Golf zone Style Development Co., Ltd is jointly organized by the China golf industry gathering and World Cup watching tour activities, to be held in Shenzhen's largest indoor golf living museum - zone of golf indoor golf life hall on the evening of July 13,, activities designed to promote exchanges and cooperation between the golf industry, promote feelings of the peer, negotiated settlement facing common problems. The activity mainly through the micro channel Solitaire registration, that hosting the party did not think of is, originally limit of 60 people, sent out the notice of just 24 hours, nearly 70 golf industry workers enrolled in, and the number of participants is still increasing, it serves to show the participation enthusiasm.
Participate in the party, including golf service providers, equipment manufacturers, professional golf managers, team, team leader and coach. And types of enterprises involving ball with monopoly, golf supplies, clothing, membership, order field, tourism, media golf, golf insurance, corporate training and practice field, field service and other fields.
Affected by the overall downturn in China's economy and the strengthening of government management, in 2014 China will usher in a new round of golf winter. The more difficult, the more we need to unite. Within the golf industry people enroll in the industry gathering, just shows the positive energy of golf a spontaneous sense of team work and hope in an industry party looking for opportunities for cooperation and development direction, eager to audible through the power of the group, the golf to convey to the society as a whole. Golf has returned to the Olympic Games, China's golf should return to the nature of the sport, golf industry policy should also make the appropriate adjustments, so that China's golf to be healthy and orderly development.
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