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The World Golf Championships in Zijin Mountain almost perfect finish

Edit:   Click:   Date: 2016-4-13

2015 Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 - world golf handicap tournament is sweeping China, April 21 to 24, "rod Xiao Lingyun" Nanjing station in Zhongshan International Golf Club passion staged.
The tournament with three qualifying Saiga a races in the "3 + 1" game mode, in Zhongshan relies on the mountain, entangles the lake stadium even hit four days, giving each player in the same stadium environment to compete, to the greatest extent to ensure that events of the fair and impartial. Players participating in races are all from qualifying to the fore of the elite players, players between levels vary little, result bite very tight. After three days of intense chase, the final total of 20 players come to the fore, to qualify for the qualification of the NanJing Railway Station!
April 24, at the end of a game, we obviously feel that the master blows fierce non degree, arena constantly flashed birdies, let the fire temperature soaring. Eventually, 9 players all win, won the finals tickets China area!
So far, 2015 blue ribbon 1844 - World Golf Championships in Nanjing almost perfect Zijin Mountain International Golf Club pars.
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